Making Slime – Method 1

Use Liquid Starch to Make Gooey Slime. Making slime is easy. Just mix equal parts of glue and water and then add an equal part of liquid starch. Just like that you have gooey slime. The more you play with it the more fun it becomes. This acclivity causes the polymer chains in the glue […]

Make Slime with Glue and Borax

You will need Elmer’s glue (most kinds of white craft glue will work) 2 disposable cups Food coloring (you pick the color) Water Borax Powder (available at most large grocery stores near the laundry detergent) A plastic spoon (for stirring) A tablespoon (for measuring) What to do Fill one small cup with water and add […]

Halloween Science Experiments & Ideas!

Like this post? Please “Pin It” on Pinterest! GLOWING DRINKABLE BEVERAGES Did you know that tonic water will glow under a blacklight? We didn’t either. The quinine in the tonic water glows a very cool looking blue color that we really like. If you’re not crazy about the taste of tonic water, try making ice […]