New Elephant Toothpaste World Record with Science Bob!



On a recent episode of Live with Kelly & Mark. Science Bob walked away with his third Guinness World Record involving his favorite science demonstration; Elephant Toothpaste! This time the record was for the MOST simultanous elephant toothpaste eruptions. The record to beat was 200.

Triggering all the reactions took quite a bit of engineering. Bob designed, laser-cut, and assembled over 280 chemical tipping devices that could be triggered using strings and pins.

Then each flask had to be mounted, filled with hydrogen peroxide, and then the catalyst had to be added to the beaker on top in a very precarious way. The process to three days and the stage crew worked until 9pm the night before the demo.

In the end, It was all worth it, resulting in an epic demonstration and a new World Record!


Here’s a Behind-The-Scenes SLOMO video!


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