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Is Time Travel Possible? Let’s ask Einstein.

We wanted to know if time travel was possible, so we decided to go to the one man who would know better than anyone… world renowned physics expert, Albert Einstein. Okay, it’s not actually Albert Einstein, (he died in 1955) it’s Marc Spiegel, an amazing actor and storyteller who becomes Einstein as he travels the country and the world exciting students about physics.

As you will hear, time travel IS possible. The way that time and space work together, it is possible to visit the future. The only catch is, you have to travel much, much faster than anyone has ever traveled. When he says you need to travel 80% the speed of light, that’s 148,800 miles per SECOND! At that speed you could go around the world 12 times in just on second. That’s seriously fast. Yet in theory, if you could go that fast deep into space and then return, you would be in the future.

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