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Explore the Science on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ready to learn more about the science seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Watch the segments below and then dig in and check out the science behind the demos!


This was a fascinating demonstration that shows just how much air expands when heated. The boiling water cause the air in the flask to heat up and expand, pushing the heated air out of the flask. When it was turned upside down into the water, the air cooled and condensed, creating a vacuum that sucked in the water. The amount of air in the flask after the demo filled the entire flask when it was on the heater.


The “String Thing” demonstrates some amazing physics of a fast moving loop of string. I have had a hard time figuring out the actual physics involved in this demo. It is based on a smaller toy version and a design by physics teacher Bruce Yeany.

Below you can get the instructions and equipment list to make your own string thing. Play around and explore device and post a video telling me how you think it works. Be sure to put Science Bob in the video title so I can find it easily.



I love the elephant’s toothpaste demo and have done it MANY times in many ways.
This is a decomposition reaction that separates oxygen from hydrogen peroxide. Add a little dish soap and you have some serious foam. Try the home-version by clicking >>HERE<<

The Venturi Effect Ping Pong Ball Blaster


This was a lot of fun to develop. I was based on a design by Adam Savage, but his version was limited to the amount of ping pong balls in the tube. By adding a hopper I was able to shoot 600 ping pong balls in about 2 minutes.

The original design was a little…aggressive.

That prototype used the strongest bouncy castle blower I could find. It worked great but the balls traveled way to fast to be safely used on stage.

Stay tuned for more details and build photos!

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