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Can you please tell me how Pop Rocks (the candy) are made?

Pop Rocks are a great candy that pops and crackles when you put it in your mouth. To make Pop Rocks, the Kraft food company mixes up a batch of hard candy by heating up sugar, corn syrup, and flavor until it is a very hot liquid. Then they take the whole mixture and put it under pressure with carbon dioxide gas. It is a lot of pressure (about 600 pounds of pressure per square inch) When the candy cools, it is filled with tiny bubbles, and each bubble has carbon dioxide under pressure inside of it. When you put the candy in your mouth, you melt the candy and the bubbles pop! It is similar to opening a can of soda.

There used to be a story about a boy who ate Pop Rocks and then drank soda and his stomach exploded…don’t worry, soda and Pop Rocks actually go pretty well together.



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